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The Academic Senate is involved in overseeing and staffing four basic types of committees. First, there are a number of standing Senate committees. The standing committees focus on areas of continuing concern, including but not limited to, faculty rights and affairs, campus climate, and sustainability. Second, the Senate coordinates with the Provost’s office overseeing and staffing a number of joint Provost/Senate Committees. Third, the Senate makes recommendations to the Provost regarding who should serve on various University committees. Finally, most years, the Senate also sponsors one or more task forces, which are set up to address unusual or urgent issues. The committees are listed in more detail on the Senate’s website.

All of the Senate Committees are given a charge. Each committee’s charge defines its general role and duties. The charges may be modified certain years to address specific short-term issues. The charges are listed on each committee’s website.

For more information on self-nominations, roles and responsibilities, please read the Academic Senate Committee Guidelines.

Ready to serve?  Complete the Committee Self Nomination Form  to start the process.

Faculty Affairs Committees

Other Faculty-Focused Committees

Joint Provost/Academic Senate Committees

The Joint Committees report to both the Senate and Senate Executive Board and another university administrative unit, such as Information Services, Libraries, Research or the Provost’s Office.

University Committees

Information on University Committees can be found at