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Faculty Handbook Committee


The Committee on the Faculty Handbook shall receive proposed changes to the Handbook in matters of University governance, including faculty services, policies, and responsibilities.  The committee reviews all statements to insure that the integrity and spirit of the Handbook language is maintained, and will  propose to the senate such statements for incorporation in the new Handbook editions when so directed by the Executive Board.  The committee is also responsible for codifying the records of changes in the Handbook; providing a record of the source, content, and approval authority of each revision; and monitoring and recommending policies and procedures for future Handbook revisions.

Specific Charge for 2023-2024 Academic Year

The Faculty Handbook committee is tasked with the following two charges:

  1. Undertake a comprehensive review of Chapter 7 of the Faculty Handbook to determine if it needs to be updated and identify revisions needed to make it more user-friendly for all faculty.
  2. Perform a comprehensive review of the content in the Handbook related to Faculty Councils to determine if it needs to be updated in light of current practice. It may be useful, for example, to state best practices, such as having an understanding between the Dean and the Faculty Council about how the Dean will consult with faculty on various matters such as administrative appointments and curriculum changes (in some schools this takes the form of a decision matrix.)

The committee will consult with administrators and faculty as necessary to guide its work.


John Matsusaka,, Marshall School of Business

Steve Bradforth,, Dornsife College

Committee Members 

Ex Officio Member

Martin Levine,, Vice Provost and Senior Advisor to the Provost