Finances and Enrollment


The Committee on Finances and Enrollment plays a crucial role in shaping the central policies of the university about university-level finances (e.g., net tuition, income and expenditures etc.) and university-level enrollment management (e.g., size, scope, and make-up of the university’s student body). The committee consults with the Vice President for Budget and the Vice President for Enrollment. The Committee’s recommendations will be considered on par with those of deans. The Committee makes its recommendations to the Provost, or to the Board of Trustees through the Provost, and the Provost will consult with the Committee if he does not concur with the recommendations. The committee will work very closely with the Academic Senate. The core members of the Committee are the officers of the Academic Senate.  If additional or replacement members  beyond the Senate officers are needed in any year, they will be elected by the Senate or the Executive Board, selecting from among other members of the Senate Executive Board if possible. Members must include tenured faculty and research, teaching, clinical or practice faculty, including both full and part-time faculty. To provide continuity, members should usually serve staggered three-year terms. The Vice President for Budget, the Vice President for Enrollment, and the Senior Advisor to the Provost are non-voting, ex officio members. The Committee co-chairs are the President of the Faculty and the Senior Advisor to the Provost.

Meetings: Contact committee chair for the date/locations of the committee meetings.


Dan Pecchenino (Co-Chair) –

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Marty Levine (Co-Chair) –

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