Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty Affairs


The Committee on Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty Affairs identifies, monitors, and evaluates specific issues of concern to tenured and tenure-track faculty, including but not limited to faculty governance, tenure, compensation, benefits, and professional development at all stages of their careers. It monitors compliance with the Faculty Handbook and with stated school policies of the schools or units as they relate to Tenured and Tenure-Track faculty. It makes recommendations to relevant Senate and University committees, and to the Academic Senate, concerning any policy issues that have an impact on tenured and tenure-track faculty.

Specific Charge for 2019-2020 Academic Year

  1. Developing recommendations for improving USC’s tenure process, including how we can increase the diversity of our faculty, and how we can better evaluate and take into account innovative, interdisciplinary work.
  1. Examining the role of service in tenure-track faculty loads and promotions, and the interrelated question of how we can better engage/interest our TT faculty in service.

Membership will include primarily tenured and tenure-track faculty, as well as one non-voting member from each of the following committees: Research, Teaching, Practitioner, & Clinical Faculty Affairs; and Part-Time Faculty Affairs.

Meetings: Contact committee chair for the date/locations of the committee meetings.


Thomas Cummings (Co-chair), tcumming@usc.edu

Velina Hasu Houston (Co-chair), greentea@usc.edu


  • Amy Cannon (RTPCFAC Co-Chair) –  akcannon@usc.edu, Dornsife College
  • Julie Cederbaum, Dworak- Peck School
  • Sharon Cermak, cermak@chan.usc.edu, Independent Health Profession
  • Thomas Cummings (Co-chair), tcumming@usc.edu, Marshall School
  • Hossein Jadvar, jadvar@med.usc.edu, Keck School
  • Richard Jewell, jewell@usc.edu, School of Cinematic Arts
  • Velina Hasu Houston (Co-chair), greentea@usc.edu, Dramatic Arts School
  • Aniko Imre (EB liaison), Cinematic Arts School, imre@usc.edu
  • Elaine Kaplan, ekaplan@usc.edu, Dornsife School
  • Julianna Kirschner (PTFAC Co-chair), jjkirsch@usc.edu, Annenberg School
  • T.J. McCarthy (RTPCFAC Co-Chair), tjmmcart@usc.edu, Sol Price School
  • Ferol Mennen, Dworak- Peck School
  • Julie Posselt, posselt@usc.edu, Rossier School
  • Cauligi (Raghu) Raghavendra, raghu@usc.edu, Virterbi School
  • Elisa Warford (PTFAC Co-Chair), warford@usc.edu, Viterbi School