Part-Time Faculty Affairs Committee


The Committee on Part-Time Faculty Affairs monitors and evaluates the working environment, terms and conditions of employment, job security, compensation, benefits eligibility, opportunities for participation in governance, opportunities for professional advancement, and participation in the academic life of the university provided for part-time faculty.  It monitors compliance with the Faculty Handbook and with stated school policies of the schools or units as they relate to part-time faculty.  It makes recommendations to relevant Senate and University committees, and to the Academic Senate, concerning any policy issues that have an impact on Part-Time faculty.

Membership will include primarily part-time faculty, as well as one member from each of the following committees: Research, Teaching, Practitioner, & Clinical Faculty Affairs; and Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty Affairs.

Meetings: Contact committee chair for the date/locations of the committee meetings.

Specific Charge for 2018-2019 Academic Year

The PTFAC plans to focus its efforts this year on policy and communication issues:

  • Policy
    • Compensation: So that part-time faculty are fairly compensated for the actual time they spend performing their contracted duties, we will work to ensure that contracted allotted hours are realistic and sufficient for faculty to deliver high-quality courses.
    • Merit review, evaluation and promotion: We will work to ensure that each school has, as stipulated by University policy, policies for merit review, evaluation, and promotion of part-time faculty, and that these policies are implemented by the academic units.   
    • Pay for service: We will work to ensure that the University policy to compensate part-time faculty for service outside their regular contractual duties is enforced.
  • Communication
    • We would like to encourage greater University, School, and departmental level clarity and communication of part-time faculty policies on course loads; merit review, evaluation, and promotion; and eligibility for participation in governance activities.


Julianna Kirschner (Co-Chair) –

Elisa Warford (Co-Chair) –

Committee Members



  • 15/16 – 04: Change in Part-Time Faculty Policies and Practices