Academic Senate Nominating Committee


Bylaw 10: The Nominating Committee consists of the President of the Faculty, the Academic Vice President, and two other members of the current Executive Board, together with four other Academic Senate members who are not a member of the Executive Board. The method for choosing the Nominating Committee is prescribed in the *Standing Rules which were endorsed by the Senate onMay 7, 1997.

Bylaw 11: The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of at least two candidates for each office for which there will be an election (i.e., the Academic Vice-President, the Administrative Vice-President, the Secretary General, and each position of Member at large of the Executive Board.) The Nominating Committee may not nominate any of its members. Additional nominations for an office are permissible with the signed endorsement of a minimum of five supporting Academic Senate members and prior agreement from the nominee that he/she will serve if elected. Nominations shall be submitted in the manner, with the information, and within the deadlines, prescribed in the standing rules.

Academic Senate Standing Rules

Choice of Nominating Committee.  The Executive Board elects two of its members to the Nominating Committee.  The Academic Senate elects four of its members to the Nominating Committee.  Candidates for the Academic Senate positions on the Nominating Committee are nominated by one or more Academic Senate members, either from the floor at the second Academic Senate meeting of the school year or by a signed, written nomination delivered to the Academic Senate office two weeks prior to the second meeting.  They are elected at the second meeting.

Additional nominations.  The Nominating Committee shall propose a slate of officers of the Executive Board for the next year.  As prescribed in Bylaw 11,additional nominations are permissible with the signed endorsements of five Academic Senate members and prior agreement that the nominee will serve if elected.  The calendar prepared by the Academic Senate office shall state the date by which such nominations must be received.


Yaniv Bar-Cohen, Academic Vice President,   , Keck School/Childrens Hospital