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Sustainability Forum – April 27, 2017

On April 27, 2017, the Academic Senate, in conjunction with the Environmental Student Assembly and USC’s Sustainability Office, held a forum on the Senate’s “USC Sustainability Strategy 2030” proposal (available here). At the Forum, we heard responses from Dean Yannis Yortos (on behalf of the Provost’s task force on security and sustainability), Prof Ainsley (Vice President of Student Affairs, Office of the Provost), and several student speakers.

The Senate welcomes your comments on the proposed 2030 Sustainability Strategy. Please include your name, affiliation, and email address so we can follow up with you concerning future initiatives on sustainability. Submit your input and comments on our Facebook post.

Full Forum Video (1hr 48mins)


  • Welcome: Prof. Paul Cannon, President Academic Senate
  • Background: Sustainability 2020 Progress Report, Halli Bovia
  • Academic Senate Report: Sustainability Strategy 2030, Prof. Darren Ruddell
  • Responses to the Senate 2030 Report: each speaker gets 10 mins, leaving 5 minutes for Q&A/clarification
    • ESA
    • Ecore
    • Dean Yannis Yortsos, Viterbi
    • Prof. Ainsley Carry, Vice President for Student Affairs, Office of the Provost
  • Open Dialog: Moderated by Prof. Daniel Mazmanian, Price
  • Closing: Prof. Paula Cannon, President Academic Senate