University Libraries


The USC Libraries Committee is a joint advisory committee established by the Academic Senate and the Provost in consultation with the Dean of the USC Libraries. The committee is an emissary for constituencies across the university and acts as an interlocutor for the faculty as a whole on library-related issues.

The committee advises the Dean of the USC Libraries on matters related to improving of library services, collection development and management, the application of information technology and other areas of interest to the faculty in ensuring that the library supports existing and emerging areas of scholarship and research.  The Dean of the Libraries in turn apprises the committee of current issues and challenges and seeks the advice of the committee on current issues associated with the USC Libraries.  The committee reports on its activities to the Academic Senate and Provost on a regular basis.

Specific Charge for 2020 – 2021 Academic Year

This year’s committee will examine how the USC community’s use of the libraries changed during the COVID-19 pandemic and how this compares to what university libraries are seeing across the country and around the world. It will assess and document rates of usage, services used, innovations in library services during this time, and determine what was effective in outreach during these unusual times.


Trudi Sandmeier - Friends Of Residential Treasures: LA

Trudi Sandmeier (C0-Chair),  Architecture

Brett George Sheehan (Co-Chair), Dornsife/ History

Committee members