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Announcing the 2023-2024 Academic Senate Executive Board

This year’s Executive Board election has been completed. We want to thank the candidates who ran for positions, the Nominating Committee who put the slate together, and all faculty who voted. The 2023-2024 Executive Board (which will begin its work on July 1) is:

  • Margo Apostolos (Kaufman), President
  • Rima Jubran (Keck), Academic Vice President
  • Dan Pecchenino (Dornsife), Immediate Past President
  • Christine El Haddad (Marshall), Administrative Vice President
  • Christal Young (Libraries), Secretary General
  • Sofia Gruskin (Keck & Gould), At-Large Member
  • John Matsusaka (Marshall), At-Large Member
  • Lorraine Turcotte (Dornsife), At-Large Member
  • Miki Turner (Annenberg), At-Large Member