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Crisis Prevention: When Students Need Help

Another session at the retreat focused on Crisis Prevention for students presented by Professor Rene Rosenstein, Director of Student Counseling Services and Lynette Merriman, EdD, Assistant Provost for Student Affairs, Support and Advocacy provided guidance and information about USC’s team approach to campus interventions.

They provided clear action plans if you have concerns that a student is in trouble, needs help or may present a danger to themselves or others.

  • Student feels they need to see a counselor – Call Student Counseling Services (SCS) at 213 740-7711. Walk-in services are also provided 8:30 and 5 pm.
  • Faculty or staff members feels that the student must see a counselor immediately, call and consult with SCS on call counselor.
  • If there is a question of safety:
    • Life threatening/immediate threat – Call DPS at 213-740-4321
      • e.g.  Physical aggression, destruction of property, threats to use weapons
    • Non-threatening – Call Student Counseling Services
      • e.g.  Psychosis, severe depression, suicidal ideation, panick attacks

Director Rothstein and Asst. Provost Merrifield provided contact information for those that had any questions.

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Ruben Davila

Ruben Davila
Member-at-Large, Executive Board of the Academic Senate
Professor of Clinical Accounting, Marshall School of Business