This committee shall initially work as a task force to design and implement a revised multi-layered, multi-pronged strategic plan for mentoring to be adopted across the university, building on the work of the Mellon Mentoring Forum, etc. The plan will be adaptable to the mentoring needs of each department or school. A mentoring philosophy based on the university’s strategic plan should be developed, so that all mentoring activities at USC align with that philosophy. The committee will develop an overall framework, based on mentoring research, reflecting 1) The different mentee populations to be targeted, 2) The relevant touch points at which mentoring should be implemented for each population, 3) The forms of mentoring that should occur, and 4) The various contexts in which mentoring should take place. The task force should also determine how mentoring will be embedded within institutional structures, how it will be incentivized, and how it will funded and supported. The plan should include mentor training, and a communications plan to create a culture of mentoring. The plan should make use of all existing successful mentoring programs on campus, as both inspiration for effective models, as well as resources to be better utilized across campus. The committee shall then serve to oversee and make recommendations for continued enhancement of mentoring on campus.

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