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  • Joint Retreat: Campus Safety – Faculty Training and Resources

    On February 17-18, 2017, the Joint Provost/Academic Senate Retreat that focused on “Making Progress on Climate, Safety and Wellness.”  This is part 3 of the 3 part summary of the sessions. Session 3: Campus Safety – Faculty Training and Resources Chair: Raphael Bostic, Sol Price School of Public Policy Given the violence that occurred on Los… Read More »Joint Retreat: Campus Safety – Faculty Training and Resources

  • President’s Blog, January 2017

    It’s no understatement to say that we are living in changing times. The Academic Senate has heard from many of you that you are concerned that changes may be enacted that fundamentally challenge our beliefs as faculty, or are at odds with the mission of an academic research university. Our home in Los Angeles means… Read More »President’s Blog, January 2017

  • Trojans Care – Gatekeeper Training for Faculty & Staff

    The overall goal of Trojans Care, a bystander and gatekeeper program, is to create a caring and helpful community. Members will become more comfortable in helping those in need and become more aware of support resources. Specific objectives include: Raising awareness of helping behaviors Increasing motivation to help Developing the skills and confidence in responding… Read More »Trojans Care – Gatekeeper Training for Faculty & Staff

  • Childcare Update – January 2017

    Following the unexpected withdrawal of services by USC’s former childcare provider CCLC (now KinderCare Learning Center), the University has procured new operators for its childcare programs. On the HSC campus, Bright Horizons has assumed operations of the HSC Child Development Center at 1435 Playground St. and is also operating the newly-constructed Alcazar Center located at… Read More »Childcare Update – January 2017

  • Academic Senate 101

    If you’ve ever wondered what the Academic Senate is and what it does, read on! At USC, we operate on a system of ‘shared governance’, with the Academic Senate being the main body that represents the faculty at the university level. Shared governance is a little hard to define (here’s a link to an article… Read More »Academic Senate 101

  • Campus Climate Momentum Continues

    The Academic Senate will continue to build upon the momentum created last year around Campus Climate. Last year the Academic Senate passed a resolution outlining foundational changes that were needed to improve campus climate at USC.  The focus of the resolution was on access, equity, and inclusion.  As a result of that resolution, as well… Read More »Campus Climate Momentum Continues

  • Crisis Prevention: When Students Need Help

    Another session at the retreat focused on Crisis Prevention for students presented by Professor Rene Rosenstein, Director of Student Counseling Services and Lynette Merriman, EdD, Assistant Provost for Student Affairs, Support and Advocacy provided guidance and information about USC’s team approach to campus interventions. They provided clear action plans if you have concerns that a… Read More »Crisis Prevention: When Students Need Help

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