Senate Task Force on Faculty Councils


Building on the survey conducted by the EB in Spring 2021, this task force will examine elected
faculty council models that represent faculty in shared governance or that focus on academic
issues, such as curriculum, pedagogy, or research. From this review, the task force will make
recommendations to strengthen faculty councils’ role at USC.
Questions that may guide the work of the task force include:
1. What is the structure of the faculty council? How many members are there and how are
they elected, selected or otherwise chosen to participate?
2. Is the membership of the FC or committees defined by faculty track, rank, or work
3. Is the FC membership representative of the population of the faculty?
4. How does the FC interact with the school’s administrative leadership?
5. How does the FC Interact with and hear from the Faculty?
6. What is the level of interaction or engagement of the FC with the school’s administrative
7. What are some of the regular activities or work of the FC or faculty committee? For
example, does the FC facilitate the annual merit review process, review curriculum or
course approvals, review the school’s budget annually, or review department or program
based policies?
8. How often does the FC meet?
9. What kind of leadership role do these committees take in regards to curriculum,
pedagogy, or research?
10. What is the relationship between the FC and other school-level committees that address
these core academic issues?
11. Has experience on the FC encouraged representatives to take on other leadership or
governance roles?
12. Are the activities, rights, and responsibilities of the FC articulated in school bylaws?


Elissa Grossman (Co-Chair),

Morgan Polikoff

Morgan Polikoff (Co-Chair),